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Forensic ServicesForensic DNA Testing and Consulting Services

Our clients can choose from a full range of detailed, thorough and affordable forensic DNA testing and consulting services.

As part of our consulting services, we painstakingly review the entire case file to include all items stemming from the original agency’s findings. A short list of items typically encompassed in the comprehensive review include:

  • All scientific data
  • Report review including bench notes
  • Crime lab procedure manuals
  • Autopsy reports
  • Crime scene photos
  • “Electronic data” generated by the crime lab’s instrumentation
  • Selection of physical evidence
  • Serology and DNA analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Consultation and strategy formulation
  • Trial preparation
  • Expert testimony

Genetic Technologies, Inc. has the experience, advanced protocols, instrumentation, and chemistries allowing us the capability to extract, test, and resolve DNA profiles from a wide range of samples including highly degraded items:

  • Tissue samples from autopsy and surgery
  • Exhumed remains
  • Touch DNA (gun triggers, knife handles, steering wheels…)
  • Chewing gum and cigarette butts
  • Kleenex tissues
  • Toothbrushes
  • Urine specimens
  • Sexual assault kits
  • Lick sealed envelopes and stamps
  • Band aids
  • Extracted teeth
  • Eating utensils, bottles, cans, and cups
  • Hair with roots
  • Clothing items, hats, bed linen
  • Scrapings from blood spatter

Forensic DNA is used to test stains of body fluids on clothing, sheets, and other materials to determine the identity and/or sex of the person from whom a stain or substance originated, or to match a blood, saliva or semen stain to a person. The test can also identify individuals through DNA analysis of a sample of bone, tissue, teeth, fingernail scrapings and other biological material.


Genetic Technologies gave me the evidence I needed to support a conviction of a criminal Defendant for kidnap and rape.