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About Genetic Technologies, Inc.Forensic DNA Testing, Forensic Consulting & Expert Testing

Genetic Technologies, Inc. is an independent, full service  DNA forensic science company focusing primarily on the testing and evaluation of forensic evidence as it relates to human identification. Established in 1998, Genetic Technologies, Inc. serves a rapidly growing nationwide and worldwide customer base of private citizens, investigators, law enforcement agencies, public defenders, criminal defense attorneys, and prosecutors. We offer our clients access to a broad range of forensic biology technologies—specializing in DNA analysis, (Autosomal and Y-STRs), touch DNA (Low Copy Analysis), Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), serology, and expert witness & consulting services for civil investigations / criminal prosecution & defense. Our forensic division has played a pivotal role in a hundreds of high profile criminal cases with our civil and relatedness divisions assisting clients in thousands of immigration / relatedness DNA tests including a wide spectrum of infidelity scenarios. Our seasoned staff of expert scientists utilizes the most advanced methodologies available to detect and test DNA from many sources. We offer fast, accurate and personalized service for each of our customers, including consulting and expert witness services in conjunction with forensic testing. Genetic Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the Forensic Science and Human Identification Industry and provides specialized software to the eDNA Consortium. eDNA is a software developed by Genetic Technologies, Inc. which is used by many facilities in the Human Identification Industry.


Genetic Technologies gave me the evidence I needed to support a conviction of a criminal Defendant for kidnap and rape.