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Civil DNA Services Offered

Parentage/Paternity Testing

DNA testing is often considered synonymous with paternity / parentage testing and other kinship scenarios. Such testing is typically employed to identify the father of a child in legal disputes or for immigration issues. A simple swab of the mouth is all it takes for Genetic Technologies, Inc. to provide definitive proof of relatedness. Our services are performed in strict accordance with the Uniform Parentage Act for both the public and private sector.

The test may be self-administered at home (for non-legal issues), or performed at one of our hundreds of collection facilities nationwide or conducted by private appointment with one of our mobile technicians. Typically, the results are available within 24-48 hours from the time our laboratory receives the specimens. For home testing, Genetic Technologies, Inc. offers a DNA Identification Collection and Storage Kit which enables the user to easily provide a sample specimen for downstream analysis.

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Infidelity Studies

Suspicions of extramarital affairs and infidelity regarding one’s significant other are increasingly common. And although one may hide guilt and account for unexplained absences, DNA evidence is irrefutable.

Bodily secretions during and after a sexual encounter are deposited on a number of items, including bed sheets, undergarments, discarded bathroom tissues, condoms, bath towels, carpet and couch cushions. Using a wide range of serological and DNA analysis techniques, Genetic Technologies, Inc. can identify a unique genetic profile from a wide variety of stained and disposed of items.

Sexual Harassment

Perpetrators in sexual harassment cases often unwittingly leave behind evidence of their identity, whether by touching the victim or by sending obscene letters. Using new DNA investigative tools, cases involving threatening or harassing letters can now be solved. Often in harassment cases involving written documents we are able to extract genetic profiles from ‘licked’ sealed envelopes / stamps and in some cases from the creased folds of the actual letter.

Recent advances in technology offers Genetic Technologies, Inc. the capability of extracting a genetic profile from everyday items, as well as from trace evidence offered by old and degraded evidence. Examples of unusual specimens successfully analyzed in our facility include:

  • Lick sealed envelope postmarked 1944
  • Lick sealed stamp postmarked 1951
  • Tonsil removed in 1913 and stored at room temperature
  • Hardhat headliner stored in a garage since 1964


Genetic Technologies gave me the evidence I needed to support a conviction of a criminal Defendant for kidnap and rape.