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A loyal housemaid retrieved a pair of men’s boxer shorts from the trash and presented them to the wife of the house along with an opinion as to why they had been discarded. The wife consulted with a private investigator regarding her suspicions. The investigator submitted the clothing item to Genetic Technologies, Inc. for Serological Examination and DNA Analysis.

Serological examination of the stain identified spermazota. A differential extraction and DNA analysis of the stain revealed a mixture of two genetic profiles – one male and one female. However, Infidelity was not necessarily substantiated at this point. In order to confirm infidelity the wife submitted a discarded water bottle used by the husband and a self collected buccal swab. The DNA profile extracted from the water bottle matched the male component of the intimate stain thus confirming that the husband was the male contributor. The final item to resolve was whether or not the female contributor of the stain was that of the wife. By extracting the DNA from the wife’s reference sample we were able to confirm infidelity as the female contributor was someone other than the wife.


Genetic Technologies gave me the evidence I needed to support a conviction of a criminal Defendant for kidnap and rape.