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Sexual Harassment

Genetic Technologies, Inc. recently tested and resolved a case involving a woman who received several sexually explicit letters tacked onto a message board at her office. The envelopes had been “lick” sealed. The next step was to identify the genetic profile (including the gender) of the perpetrator.

DNA testing of the envelope revealed that the perpetrator was a male which greatly narrowed the suspect pool. With the DNA profile recorded, the company submitted buccal swabs as well as other items that contained biological material such as cigarette butts, chewing gum, Kleenex and other discarded items to be used for profile comparison. Genetic Technologies, Inc. tested the DNA on these items and ultimately identified the perpetrator.

The employer was able to uphold its sexual harassment policy and bring the harassment to an end.


Genetic Technologies gave me the evidence I needed to support a conviction of a criminal Defendant for kidnap and rape.