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Although several organizations across the country will offer consulting services, the benefit of using Genetic Technologies, Inc. resides in the fact that we are an actual laboratory.  Forensic testing encompasses uncountable nuances that are only fully understood by experts who have performed extensive analyses within their career. The staff at Genetic Technologies, Inc. remains exceedingly proficient with the Genotyping software and expert systems implemented in US crime labs.  This provides us the ability to scrutinize the underlying (raw) data rather than simply recalculating the statistical information at face value based upon a crime lab report. Years of cumulative education and experience among the experts at Genetic Technologies, Inc. provide the attorney with a formidable defense tool.  We at Genetic Technologies, Inc. do not automatically recommend further DNA testing but first advocate case review, consultation, and then, if collectively determined beneficial, proceed with further testing. Let our expert staff assist you in compiling a scientific discovery request, consultation, and strategy formulation.  We provide trial support throughout to include preparation of case specific poignant cross examination questions, and when warranted expert witness testimony as rebuttal.


Genetic Technologies gave me the evidence I needed to support a conviction of a criminal Defendant for kidnap and rape.